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Lincoln School Homecoming Committee Presents Donations to Middlesboro Schools In Celebration of Black History Month

Members of the Lincoln School Homecoming Committee believe it is their responsibility to give back to their community. In doing so, Wally Wade, co chairperson of the organization and committee members, determined that the Lincoln School Homecoming Committee should celebrate Black History month by donating one hundred dollars each to West End Primary, East End Intermediate, and Middlesboro Middle Schools.

The donations are to be used by the school’s librarians to purchase high interest and grade level materials that focus on the African American experiences and will meet the Kentucky standards for educational curriculums.

Students in the Middlesboro school system will utilize these materials to learn more about the authentic views of Black History.

Patricia Edwards, co-chairperson of Lincoln School Homecoming Committee, hopes the Middlesboro students who use these materials will gain knowledge of Black history and will retain the knowledge and understanding to advance the causes of democracy for ALL Americans.

Lincoln School Homecoming Committee is an organization that celebrates and honors the achievements of students who attended Lincoln High School in Middlesboro Kentucky. The committee encourages African American students to strive toward excellence during their school years. The committee continues to acknowledge those students throughout their post secondary education.

Lincoln School was established in 1891 and continued to educate African American students of Middlesboro until 1965 when the Middlesboro school system was integrated.


Wallace Wade, Patricia Edwards, Middlesboro West End Prmary Librarian Prudie Thomas, Middlesboro Primary Principal James Whitaker.

Wallace Wade, Middlesboro Intermediate Librarian Tina Johnson, Frances Blackburn, Middlesboro Intermediate Principal Steve Martin

Phyllis Brown, Wallace Wade, Middlesboro Middle School Librarian Melissa Bailey, Middlesboro Middle Principal Terry Bradley







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