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2014-2015 Calendar
2014-2015 Calendar
Handbook & Code of Acceptable Behavior & Discipline
Code of Acceptable Network Behavior, and District (AUP) Acceptable Use Policy
Access to Electronic Media
Rules for use of district network and equipment.
Use of Webmail and Web Pages
Appropriate use of webmail, and the display of data on web pages.
AUP Signature Page
Must be signed by all staff, students, and guests using the district provided network and Internet.
General Forms
Non-Teaching Application
Other Than Certified Teaching (PDF)
Teaching Application
Professional Employment Application (PDF)
Job Requirements
Requirements for Jobs, Certified and Classified
Promoting Positive Behavior Course Directions
Promoting Positive Behavior Self Paced Course Directions
Infinite Campus Portal Access Documentation
IC Campus Portal for Parents
Long Version (22 pages)
IC Portal Account Creation Instructions
Short Version (3 pages)
IC Parent Agreement
Parent Portal Access Agreement
IC Portal Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use and Guidelines for IC Portal Access
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