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Middlesboro Golf4Grants Endowment Fund Grant Application





The fundraising effort began in 2014 with the planning process. The first annual Golf4Grants event took place in June 2016 creating funds for the first round of grants and seeding the endowment fund for the future.


Remember the following guidelines while completing the application:


  • Place your cursor within the [ ] to begin typing (applications must be typed)
  • Your responses must fall within the allowable number of words
  • Concise writing is appreciated and encouraged
  • Send any and all questions/comments to
  • Correct spelling and grammar are a must
  • Please do not use acronyms unless they are explained in the narrative (non-school personnel may be evaluating these grant applications and would not be familiar with school or technical lingo)
  • Under section IV Budget and Funding be sure:
    • to include the description/names of the items you are requesting (part/model numbers are insufficient)
    • to indicate if the items requested are mandatory for implementing your grant project



Please click here to view the grant application process and frequently asked questions.

Please click here to download the grant application.


All applications will be mailed to G4G Director Scott Ballard at PO BOX 29, West Jefferson, NC 28694…the applications will then be scanned and sent to Grant Review Committee members for consideration.